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This page is for those who have found or are finding their voices through their creativity.

We hope to share many blogs and businesses that have been created by those who understand first-hand a life with selective mutism.

Through sharing these blogs, we are confident that you will gain valuable insight from these fabulous people and be inspired and encourage too.

Selective Mutism comes with its challenges, but it also comes with gifts: gifts of intelligence, creativity, sensitivity and a deep awareness and connection with our world. As you can see, those with selective mutism can be, and many are successful in their lives.

We are confident that you will love and enjoy the blogs and links added to this page. Please feel free to share the links that appeal to you and to help share the businesses on this page too.

The people who are sharing their blogs are sharing themselves; this is not an easy thing for anyone to do, but they do it with the goal and intention to help others! We ask that you are mindful of the blogs posted here, and when visiting the pages only leave kind and encouraging comments or no comments at all.

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I am not shy; i have selective mutism

Hi I’m Natasha Dale and I have selective mutism. For the past couple of years I’ve been spending much of my free time trying to raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of SM. I use both my blog and my Facebook page (I Am Not Shy; I Have Selective Mutism) to post most of my insights. I occasionally do some public speaking too, which is something I never thought I’d have the ability to do!
I’m currently studying psychology and in the future I hope to be able to work directly with those with SM, and their support networks.
Whilst I endure the journey of waiting to graduate, I will continue to do my best to make a small difference.
Here is the link to my blog:

Facebook –

Website –

Teen with selective mutism and tics

Teen with selective mutism and tics is a page I created to write about my personal journey with my various diagnosis. I wanted to raise awareness but due to the selective mutism, I didn’t think making videos was viable so wanted to create a blog instead. Now that my medical journey isn’t taking many more steps forward, I am posting long awareness blogs to tell people exactly what it’s like to live with Selective Mutism, Tourette’s, OCD and Autism

My name is Ally, I’m 17. I have OCD, Tourette’s, Sensory processing disorder, Aspergers, Selective mutism, and Dyspraxia. I love photograpy and maths. I wanted to get a job but couldn’t due to my conditions and anxiety, so instead I started an etsy shop. That is now a passion of mine. I hope to go to university to study psychology and specialise in Autism or other developmental disorders.

You can visit Ally online on Facebook or her Etsy shop:

Etsy shop –

Facebook –

El Earl Photographer

My name is El. When I was five I stopped talking and noone knew why. It took many years to be diagnosed with SM. I would love to say now at 37 I am talking, but in truth I still can’t speak – only at home and to people I am close with.

I communicate by writing pen to paper. I am writing my story in a novel that isn’t published yet. I have my own photography business, and I have studied in Tafe and then university and graduated both with no extra help.

I find it hard to make friends and feel lovely. I struggle but I live everyday as it comes. I even found a hubby and have two gorgeous kids. Anything is possible for us sufferers we just want to be loved and understood like everyone else.



Marte Fredriksen

Marte Fredriksen suffered from SM as a child in Norway before overcoming it, travelling the world and becoming a model – as well as sharing her story. You can read about it here:

Blog post –
YouTube video –


Christina is a London based artist. Her art has always helped her communicate when she hasn’t been able to through words, due to her Selective Mutism. After graduating from Wimbledon College of Arts in 2017, she was selected to participate in the Clyde & Co Art Award, where she went on to win the staff vote. She has taken part in a number of exhibitions throughout the UK. She is also a keen advocate for SM. She makes videos and writes awareness blogs, focussing on how her art has helped her communicate and the ability to achieve despite disability. Her writing and artwork have recently been featured on BBC Stories and in the Huffington Post.

My website is

My other main site I use is my Instagram:

Leanne Kneale

Leanne is 25 and has lived with Selective Mutism since she was 18 months old, although she has improved a lot in recent years. Leanne has created an awareness blog for selective mutism, sharing her personal experiences and stories.

Blog post –